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Dunkerque Public Transport

Thetis started a first project in Dunkirk, equipping 54 vehicles with its automatic passenger counting system (APC).
APC allowed the urban community of Dunkirk to keep track of vehicles attendance and evaluate passengers flow on the entire network by mean of a customized data projection algorithm.

Due to the excellent results obtained, the customer decided to extend the installation to the whole fleet in a second phase. In this case a more advanced statistical module was implemented in order to control the total number of passengers per stop, line and day of service. The APC system is composed by high-tech sensors with stereoscopic vision cameras, which detection accuracy exceeds 98% in any lighting condition.

This system is particularly important in a context such as Dunkirk which is the biggest European city offering an entirely free public transport to residents and visitors.
The collaboration continued with the implementation of an AVM/AVL (Automatic vehicle monitoring/Automatic vehicle location) system.

Currently more than 150 buses serving the northernmost city of France (Dunkirk) are equipped with Thetis products.
The AVM/AVL solution (SAEIV: Système d’aide à l’exploitation et à l’information voyageurs, in French) includes a web-based suite of applications developed by Thetis. Its innovative interface allows the operators to carry out their daily activities and ease the regulation and supervision of the overall fleet.

The software consists of several components implementing real time and retrospective tools for service analysis, such as linear and cartographic views, vehicle tracking and playback facilities. Other modules are dedicated to vehicles integration allowing the operator to send text and audio messages both to drivers and passengers. Audio and data communications are provided through 4G and Tetra radios.

Advanced modules are designed to give the operator the ability to supervise the entire fleet, create scheduled and real-time deviations, produce multiple reports based on realtime and historical statistics as well as custom analytical Business Intelligence processes. Customized interfaces allows the user to supervise the status of the system and onboard units with diagnostic tools, importing the service planning, and following the initialization of the services.

These and many other features can be directly customized by the customer using Thetis web portal.

The onboard systems include a top notch onboard computer, a sensitive touchscreen driver terminal, a traffic lights priority system and several interfaces connectable to external devices such as: destination blinds, internal and external speakers exposing audio/video information to passengers, and multimedia onboard TFT screens. Infotainment can be managed directly by the operator: videos, images and messages are created using a proprietary software and deployed on board. Playlists can be edited in order to display different contents according with configurable parameters such as vehicle location, service performed, or personalized timetables.