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Public transport

Thetis IT eBUS is a modular, scalable and easy to interface solution designed to match the real needs of Public Transport Operators and Local Transport Authorities.

Fleet management (AVL-AVM)

Dispatch, control, regulate and optimize your public transport service  thanks to our state of the art real time monitoring solution and the clear and responsive web based application for operators.

Thanks to our system, you can get complete control of the service provided whether in a multi-operator environment or a in multimodal transport network.

Passenger information

Deliver accurate real time passenger information on board, at bus stops, on mobile devices and online, thanks to our unique prediction algorithm.

Combine real time info with location based marketing  on multimedia systems.

Traffic light priority

Increase the attractiveness of your public transport to citizens offering shorter travel time compared to other transport modes. Improve the energy efficiency and reduce pollution by means of public transport green waves in urban congested areas.

Disruption management

Provide passengers and drivers with fast and accurate information on deviations from the schedule as well as service alerts.

Produce punctual reports even for disrupted and amended services.


Increase security on board thanks to our CCTV system combining high resolution recording with real time video transmission to the control center.

Passenger counting

Know your patronage and optimize resources thanks to our passenger counting systems, and including a dedicated reporting and flow analysis suite.

Maintenance management

Cut down maintenance costs thanks to the automatic detection on board of potential faults and to the powerful tools of our maintenance management system.

Reporting and data analysis

From very detailed info to summary reports for the top management, take full advantage of our reporting tools to extract the needed info and perform data analysis to improve the service.

Service certification

Key performance indicators of the service can be automatically calculated and used as contractual parameters for the contract between bus operator and mobility  agency  / PTE.

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